Foot Reflexology
by Monica Miller

The balance and movement of our bodies is effected by the condition of our feet. Our feet also respond to the condition of our bodies, as well as the rigorous motions we put ourselves through during exercise, driving, and standing for long periods.
Keeping the blood circulation and lymph system moving, as well as toning the structure of the feet are important aspects of Massage Therapy.
Relaxation and better movement are keys to our well being. Massage of the feet and lower legs can bring relief from physical stress. Foot Massage with focus on the “reflex points” is a perfect tool for this.
Reflexology has been termed “compression massage” and targets specific points on the feet. These points are thought to be connected by a network of nerves that lead to organs, muscles and glands of the body.
Reflexology can break up crystalline deposits formed at the nerve endings and can result in better functioning. The stimulation of these subcutaneous (beneath the skin) receptors can remove blockages and add to your vitality and balance.