Massage Therapy can offset the rigors of training for marathons or races, and allow competitors to perform without the pain and stress of over-worked muscles.

Alleviating excess stress and providing muscles nutrition by the increase of circulation, Massage Therapy can greatly improve one’s exercise experience.

The removal of waste products is also a benefit, as Massage Therapy stimulates not only blood and lymph circulation but helps the urinary system and the skin eliminate toxins.
Drinking extra water prior to – and after – a massage session greatly contributes to this process.

Foot Reflexology is a concentrated massage on the “reflex points” of the feet. Stimulating these points with pressure/massage sends energy flow throughout the body.

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HeartSong bodywork invites you to experience services that help alleviate stress and rebalance your energies. HeartSong Bodywork is a place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate with Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Essential Oil Treatments.

Monica Miller is a licensed Massage Therapist practicing in Missouri, specializing in Reflexology. She enjoys learning about the sutler energy systems of the body, and has certification in Attunement and Reiki techniques.

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